Samsung don’t exactly have a reputation for being subtle with their advertising and the latest advert for the Galaxy Pro Series of tablets holds true to their usual form.

The advert is starts by showing off the multi-window capability of the Samsung NotePRO and TabPRO tablets and moves quickly onto dissing the Microsoft Surface pointing out that with a keyboard, battery pack and mouse it’s more a laptop than a tablet. They take a round swipe at the Kindle as good for nothing other than “books”, before finally calling out the ‘Retina’ angle of the iPad as compared to the high resolution and pixel dense Galaxy Pro Tablets.

The advert offers the usual giggles that Samsung gives with their campaigns while still getting their message across. Maybe this well thought out marketing strategy is something HTC could learn from?

Does this sort of advertising entice you to buy, or just offer you amusement?

Source: Samsung USA YouTube.
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    geoff fieldew

    “Mines got the retina thingy” then the blank stare from the Samsung owner is a nice shot at the way Apple gives something a fancy name then expects people to trust in it blindly.

    It’s probably clever marketing by Samsung but it doesn’t influence my buying decisions. I’m also not sure about the multi window thing being quicker. Sometimes loading content in 2 apps at the same time can be quite slow.


    Agreed. If you want to open two windows at the same time or do things like use office apps etc then the Surface is the better way to go. Android is great for a huge selection of apps and media content but if productivity is what you need get a surface. I bought a Galaxy tab 7.7 and it was amazing device, great size, weight, screen etc but in the end Samsung killed it by not releasing firmware updates and screwing over those who bought them. My original surface gets an update every month and is perfect for me, my… Read more »

    Sean Royce

    One of the worse Samsung ads that I’ve seen. I mean, from what I’ve read seen, the 2014 Galaxy Note Pro is a little bit buggy and laggy.