Cotton Glass with Curve Frames
After announcing their new prescription frames for Glass back in January, Google moved the platform forward for prescription lens wearers a great deal, but for the fashion aware this wasn’t the solution they were looking for, but a deal with the Luxottica Group, makers of ‘premium, luxury and sports eyewear’ such as Ray-Ban and Oakley, could be the answer.

Google Glass posted the announcement of the partnership on Google+ which speaks of the evolution of Glasses and says they see Google Glass as the next evolution in eyewear, but will require a company like Luxottica, who have been invovled in the manufacture, distribution and obviously marketing of glasses to push this forwards.

Oakley has in the past dabbled in HUD technology on their Glasses, including releasing their HUD enabled Airwave Snow Goggles which integrates with Android and iOS devices. But, so far it’s pretty niche and Glass has a lot of mindshare in the HUD market.

Glass has a perception problem and they did recently post a myth-busting post attempting to dispel common misconeptions surrounding Glass, so perhaps a stylish range of frames is just what Glass needs to be more commonly accepted. Only time will tell.

Aviators? Blades? Frogskins? What would be your frame of choice for Glass?

Source: Google Glass.
Via: Engadget.
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    Does she come with the glasses?


    Ray-Ban Wayfarers, RB2140 original Wayfarer Ice Pop in ice or violet, or RB2140 original Wayfarer in light tortoiseshell.

    Daniel Tyson

    Ray-Ban Predator 2 (Ray-Ban RB2027) the original Terminator 2 glasses – although not real great for attaching Glass to.

    Joshua Hill

    Love the Wayfarer, it’s such a classic design although I’d probably pick a more subdued colour for myself.


    I have existing sunglasses in a light tortoiseshell colour, so that was an obvious choice.
    The ice blue, is because of what colour my rollator walker is. An Airgo Comfort-Plus XWD. They are only made in an iridescent blue.
    The violet is simply because I like how the colour of the frames looks.