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Blinkfeed - Service Pack
With the launch of their 2014 flagship only mere hours away, HTC has thrown two new entries into Google Play. One is exciting and the other not so much – Blinkfeed and Service pack.

Firstly, Blinkfeed is exciting, in that it will be updated by HTC independently of the Software update process and can now receive new features from HTC in a timely fashion.

The entry comes in the ‘News & Magazines’ category, but has a package name of ‘com.htc.launcher’ perhap this will end up as a launcher in the end?

The Google Play entry describes the functions of Blinkfeed :

Read more of what you love without having to look for it. You can now get all your social feeds, calendar events, news, music and content arranged and constantly updated in one place. BlinkFeed removes the need to open multiple apps. And for those with no data plan, the Offline Reading feature lets you update feeds with WiFi, and then save them to read later.

You can’t download the App – yet, but that may change tonight.

Sense Home Launcher-News,Theme
Sense Home Launcher-News,Theme

The next entry added isn’t that exciting – HTC Service Pack. It’s filed under ‘Libraries & Demo’ and the descripton doesn’t sound terribly exciting beyond making sure your HTC phone is up to date :

The HTC Service Pack is a support service update that combines previously released updates and helps make your HTC experience more reliable. Service packs are provided free of charge. Make sure you install the latest service pack to help keep your HTC experiences up to date.

The HTC Service Pack has at least one person who has been able to download it – well, they’ve left a review anyway – and even they are scratching their head as to what the App does :

What exactly does this do?

HTC Service Pack
HTC Service Pack
Developer: HTC Corporation
Price: Free

As you can see all the screenshots feature the familiar HTC 10:08 time stamp. We’ll probably get a much better idea of what these are for in just a few hours.

HTC Gallery and HTC SenseTV have also been made available in Google Play. Again they are just as uninstallable as the Blinkfeed and Service Pack apps above.

What other goodies are coming and will they be made available to other Android devices or is this just a similar strategy to Motorola to allow for ease of updates?

HTC Gallery
HTC Gallery
Developer: HTC Corporation
Price: Free
The app was not found in the store. 🙁
Source: HTC BlinkfeedHTC Service Pack.
Via: Android Police.
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Sujay Vilash

I have a HTC One and a Desire 601. Both have BlinkFeed. Yet gPlay says I don’t have any devices that are compatible with neither BlinkFeed nor Service Pack. Go figure … No more HTC’s for me. Have been a HTC only customer but no more.

Hari Uday

try sammy then let us know… u will be pissed off even more!


Finally the IR blaster back for GPE converted M7s