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In the lead up to any phone launch the phone is susceptible to leaks from all parties involved in the phone, from the manufacturer themselves through to carriers and in this case, the carrier is Rogers Wirless, a Canadian carrier who has put the details of the All New HTC One up on their website briefly.

The specs have been confirmed as being a 5″ 1080P Super LCD3 display and will have an ‘Ultrapixel’ camera on the rear with a 5MP Front-Facing camera – no information on the specs of the secondary camera.
All New HTC One Specs
Features like the LTE will be changed for the Australian market when they launch here – the bands listed don’t actually work here for most people.

As well on the Rogers page is a description of the features included on the phone, including the Duo Camera :

The page is still currently up on the Rogers site (whoops) and includes some more press renders in Silver.

Pricing begins at a very US-like $229.99 on a contract or is available for CAD$649.99 outright, which works out to a very affordable AUD$635.244 but it’s highly unlikely we’ll see that price here in Australia.

We’ll know a lot more ‘officially’ about the All New HTC One (M8) tonight when it launches at 2am AEDT – our friendly Perth correspondent Joel will be covering the launch for us and you’ll be able to follow along with all the news yourself as HTC Stream the event on their website. We’ll know more about local availability on Thursday night after the HTC event and we’ll let you know more as soon as we can.

Source: Rogers.
Via: AndroidPolice.
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James Z

well usa and uk did say they gonna have limited quantity of the new htc one right after the announcement


I hope the phone is released on the 27th here when they have their event.

Also looking at getting the phone outright. I need a new phone so having one by this weekend would be great.

vijay alapati

haha… find guys…..i think the phones will go sale after the announcement of the respective countries.


Doubt it, even Apple isn’t that fast. Hopefully at least a week after

vijay alapati

It’s because they want to release this before s5 and take the market


Sure, in theory, but it’s a lot harder to release phones that fast. If a mega corporation like Apple can’t even release phones that fast, how can a company ,who is almost broke, do it?


It’s not hard, just ship your phones to retailers before announcing them