We’ve been introduced to the All New HTC One (M8) and now HTC is onto the hard sell. They’ve begun releasing a series of videos onto their YouTube Channel which includes a Playlist featuring videos showing off the M8 and its features, they’ve also released two commercials featuring Gary Oldman (Hey, what happened to Robert Downey Jr.?)

First up there’s the introduction video :
Introducing the HTC One (M8)

Followed by the first look video :
First Look: The HTC One (M8)

Next, get up close with the most intriguing design feature of the HTC One – the Duo Camera :
First Look: HTC One (M8) and Duo Camera

And finally the UltraPixel camera, because even after the HTC One, HTC are still having to sell the idea of the UltraPixel camera :
First Look: HTC One (M8) and UltraPixel Camera

Now, the commercials. This time they feature Gary Oldman instead of everyone’s favourite IronMan. It’s conceivable that Gary Oldman has been chosen as spokesman for the All New HTC One, while Robert Downey Jr will be used to promote HTC as a whole, who knows. Anyway, here’s the commercials – they say Blah a LOT.

Keep your eye on the Playlist as HTC is sure to add more to the list as days go by and they move to hype the phone for launches in other regions around the world.

Source: HTC YouTube.
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Looks cool.

I see in the colours, they seem to have axed the black/charcoal colour. Seems to be just silver, gunmetal grey and gold.

Well I’ll have a look at the silver and the gunmetal and then decide. Seems like a really nice phone.