Monday , May 21 2018

Motorola removes the 16GB Moto G storage option from the Australian website

Its seems that Motorola has scrapped the possibility of a 16GB Moto G making its way down to our shores, with the Motorola Australian website now removing the 16GB storage option within the specs area of the Moto G page.
2014-03-27 10.48.41

Now while this might not seem a big surprise as Motorola never acutally provided any details of when the 16GB Moto G would be coming to Australia, it is worth noting that the Moto G 16GB has been very scarce within the UK and most of Europe, with the 16GB version not even seen hitting the shelves till late December last year.

You can still get the 8GB version here in Australia which is also Dual-SIM capable. If you are worried about storage, Google does have your back offering an additional 50GB Google Drive storage for 2 years if you redeem within 30 days of purchasing your new Moto G. Of course Google have also reduced the rate for additional storage recently for Google Drive, which would also be very helpful should you require extra storage.

Ausdroid liked the Moto G when we reviewed it earlier this year, and you can read the review for further insight into the device itself.

You can still pick up the Moto G from The Good Guys or JB Hi-Fi online or in-store for $243, or from your local Telechoice store for $249, it is worth noting that there was a little error in the most recent catalogue where it seems someone mixed the Moto X up with the Moto G and listed the G for $599:
Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 7.29.07 pm

Would you still consider buying a Moto G despite only coming in the 8GB variety?

en_AU: Motorola Australia.

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3 Comments on "Motorola removes the 16GB Moto G storage option from the Australian website"

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Valued Guest

Motorola is showing that Australia does not matter !!!!!!Yet it is a well known fact that Australia has one of the quickest “uptakes” of technology , with the “disposable” incomes to purchase.
Shame on you Motorola. I will purchase overeas now..

Valued Guest

I bought a dual sim Moto G 8Gb.. best phone I’ve ever had. previously Galaxy S, LG P970, Alcatel dual sim, – Fast transitions, fast weppage loads, good sized screen

Ausdroid Reader

Well, it ruled it out as an option to replace my daughter’s aging Galaxy Nexus.
She has to be able to put her music on it.

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