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Would you like to get your hands on the Galaxy S5 today, to decide whether it’s the next superphone for you? Well, if so, you’re in luck. Vodafone have Samsung’s new flagship in store (well, in selected stores) for you to have a play with and explore.

You can find the Galaxy S5 in the following stores:

Store Address State
Vodafone Parramatta Shop 5074-5075 Westfield Parramatta, Parramatta, NSW NSW
Vodafone Bondi Junction Shop 1015 Westfield Bondi Junction, Bondi Junction, NSW NSW
Vodafone Sydney: George Street 399 George St, Sydney, NSW NSW
Vodafone Chatswood Shop 433 Westfield Chatswood, Chatswood, NSW NSW
Vodafone Brisbane: Queen Street Mall Shop G01/G02 141 Queen St Mall, Brisbane, QLD QLD
Vodafone Sunnybank Shop 8 Sunnybank Plaza, Sunnybank, QLD QLD
Vodafone Chermside Shop 392 Westfield Chermside, Chermside, QLD QLD
Vodafone Adelaide: Rundle Mall 69 Rundle Mall, Adelaide, SA SA
Vodafone Noarlunga Shop YF76 Centro Colonnades, Noarlunga, SA SA
Vodafone Melbourne: Bourke Street 265 Bourke Street Mall, Melbourne, VIC VIC
Vodafone Chadstone Shop B077 Chadstone Shopping Centre, Chadstone, VIC VIC
Vodafone Cannington Shop 1062 Westfield Carousel, Cannington, WA WA

Let us know if you’ve been to your local (or somewhat local) Vodafone store and checked out the S5, and share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

Source: Vodafone.
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DSE Canberra Centre also has an S5 and Gear Fit on display

vijay alapati

Played with it for few mins, felt big large than my nexus 5, couldn’t actually hold it as they locked it to a holder, but tested heart rate monitor that have varied results everytime and finger print scanner which was not bad


I see that some states don’t matter Voda!


You mean that little bit that fell off the bottom of the continent?


Either that or they have extremely limited demo stock available and have deployed it to the areas they know will deliver the best bang for buck?

People always get so butt-hurt over stuff like this as though a minor, rational business decision is a slight against an entire group of people.


It looks like Vodafail are only initially offering this bland new device at their stores with the highest traffic.
Tas, NT, and ACT are all MIA in the list.

Sean Royce

It’s not really bland, just not what we expected.