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The Jawbone UP24 has been available in the US since last year, but after an extended wait, they’ve now made the tracker available in Australia as well as 28 other countries around the world. It’s a good thing they’ve waited a little while longer too, because now we can experience the tracker on Android, with the company finally adding Android support earlier this month.

The new UP24 actually connects to your Android (Ok, and iOS) device via Bluetooth 4.0 LE to feedback a lot of data about your daily life, as well as your step count you can log – sleep, workouts and meals all in the one App. Because in the health and fitness tracking industry it’s all about capturing as much data as you can to help you improve.

Travis Bogard, vice president of product management and strategy at Jawbone says

The UP community has already logged more than 500 billion steps and 50 million nights of sleep. It’s an
astounding amount of data.

While data is good, understanding is better. UP24 is the first lifestyle tracker to help people make real sense of their data, understand their patterns over time and make smarter choices. UP pushes timely information to you to help turn your intentions into action – a gentle nudge suggesting an earlier bedtime if you want to meet your sleep target or an alert that you have nearly reached your steps target for the day.

The Jawbone UP app, which is available for free on Android and iOS is able to track a lot of data, features included in the App are :
Today I Will: The UP Insight EngineTM delivers simple, achievable opt-in commitments called “Today
I Will” focused in one of three categories – sleep, movement, or water intake – that challenge you
to accomplish a suggested goal in a day’s time.

  • Streaks & Milestones: As you continue to achieve your goals over time, the UP App rewards you with
    celebrations of your short-and long-term progress.
  • Activity Alerts: When using UP24, you’ll receive relevant move notifications from the UP App
    throughout the day. These personalised nudges are delivered at a time and place relevant to you –
    based on your data – all enabled by UP24.
  • Sleep Recovery: UP and UP24 users can get the benefit of the bands’ revolutionary sleep tracking
    system even if they occasionally forget to put their band in Sleep Mode.
  • Activity Log: The UP App lets you reflect on your recent activity by giving you a snapshot of the
    steps, sleep, workouts and meals you’ve logged since you last visited the app.

There’s a bonus App for iOS users – UP Coffee – which tracks caffeine intake and helps identify the impact your daily coffee intake has on your body and of course your sleep. There’s no mention of when or if this will be made available for Android, but it looks very intriguing.

You can grab an UP24 fitness band for $179 in three sizes – Small, Medium, and Large – in either Onyx and Persimmon at JB Hi-Fi, Dick Smith, Harvey Norman (and Apple stores) right now. We’re looking to getting one to take for a spin and see how it stacks UP (hah) against the competition.

Have you used the original Jawbone? Are you looking forward to checking out an UP24?

UP - Requires UP/UP24/UP MOVE
UP - Requires UP/UP24/UP MOVE
Developer: Jawbone
Price: Free
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    Hopefully the new Up is much more durable. The first generation had major issues that forced Jawbone to offer refunds. The second generation was reportedly somewhat better in this regard, but mine stopped working after a few months.