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At last, they’ve seen the light…after launching Office Mobile tied into their Office 365 subscription service Microsoft has finally relented and released Office Mobile as a free to use application for all users across both the Android and iOS platforms.

Unlike when the app was first launched, you needed to have an Office 365 account for it to be anything useful; you can now view, create and edit existing office documents on your phone. That’s right, Phone. The caveat is that just as when it launched, Office is still only available for Phones. There’s nary a tablet on the list of devices which Microsoft will allow you to have their Office software on. Still trying to get us to purchase a Surface, Microsoft?

If you’re ‘out and about’ a lot, and want to edit Office docs on your phone, it’s worth hitting the play store link and checking it out.

OfficeSuite: Word, Sheets, PDF
OfficeSuite: Word, Sheets, PDF

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    What free account do you need to setup for it to login and work. (Sky drive ?)


    Should add that the decision to make the phone version of Office free is tied to the Office for iPad release (with an Android tablet version in the works). The tablet version is a much better and fully-featured product.


    Far as I am concerned, phone only app means not worth thinking about bothering with.
    If the devs from a megacorp can’t do their app to work properly in landscape on a tablet, why should I bother giving their app the time of day.


    Microsoft are working on an Android tablet version of Office.


    The surface is great. For me better than android or iOS tablet. But that’s for me.


    Good new 🙂
    The Play Store link is for OfficeSuite 7, not Office Mobile.