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In what increasingly appears to be a never ending bag of tricks, it’s surfaced today that the Samsung Galaxy S5 has a baby monitor built into the software. No, that’s not a typo! The Galaxy S5 actually does have a “Crying baby detector” built into the software which then triggers vibrating alerts to a paired Samsung Galaxy Gear watch.


The theory being that you put your phone close to your sleeping baby and on the chance the baby wakes and requires attention, the crying triggers the mentioned alerts. While the forethought from Samsung is fantastic and I applaud that, if you can’t hear your baby crying you must have one big ol’ house. The other query for me is, if the baby monitor is turned on does the phone automatically reject calls to avoid waking the baby since you’re not in the room at the time?

It seems there’s a few more questions here than there are answers, and we find ourselves wondering just how useful this function might be. One guess is “not very”. What do you think?

Source: Soyacincau.
Via: Talk Android.
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Paul Welch

Aprill fool maybe ??

Eason Qin

another samsung gimmick

Chris Watson

Not a Samsung fan, but it’s a good idea in principle. Having to leave your phone next to the sleeping baby is dumb though. Sell a Samsung Baby Monitor with camera that contacts your phone when the baby wakes


I wonder if you can use it with blocking mode? That way, your phone won’t vibrate for calls and texts during a certain time frame… Though, TBH, I can’t see many people using this feature.


Given this feature is located in the Hearing accessibility section of the phone it can only be assumed it is to assist those with hearing disabilities.

A fantastic feature / tool for those deaf parents to alert them of their crying child.

Nice work Samsung.

But I am pretty sure the trolls will still dish a feature that is aimed to make the life of those people with hearing difficulties that little bit better just because it was Samsung who implemented it.

Phil Tann

Well said and frankly, I hand’t thought of hearing impaired parents as a potential use for this feature.

No baby

Cool, all I need now is a baby