HTC have had their latest and greatest toy — the HTC One (M8) — on sale for less than a week, but reports are coming out of Taiwan that the demand for the flagship phone is currently outstripping supply quite considerably. The General Manager of the local distributor stated that the sales were doubling every day since the device went on sale and are now outstripping the availability of the device coming from HTC.

The new HTC One (M8) has some great party tricks but the real seller of the device in comparison to last years model is the significantly better battery life and the much less intrusive Sense 6 which I’m actually fairly impressed with visually, its performance and functionality. HTC suffered some pretty horrible supply issues with the 2013 model which hurt sales. The early indications are good that this years model will surpass its predecessor fairly significantly, it is a very impressive phone so there’s no reason why it shouldn’t.

Will you be spending your hard earned dollars on the HTC One (M8) or another flagship of the emerging generation of phones?

Source: Focus Taiwan.
Thanks: Stu for the link.
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Chris Watson

Very very desirable, but too damn big for me. I saw the leaks for the M8 One mini, less RAM and slower processor was disappointing….so I got the Xperia Z1 compact on Saturday! Pretty dang happy too


I love nearly everything about the new HTC One (M8), especially it’s design. Judging from the Verge review, it’s a very solid flagship! The only thing that’s holding me back is the quite useless camera that has been discussed … does anyone know if, like the Nexus 5, the M8’s camera is something that can be improved upon with software updates? P.S I just bought the Nexus 5 last night. As a uni student i’m not quite rich enough to get a flagship on prepaid or a plan! Moving from the 2 year old Xperia S and Sony’s lack of… Read more »

Sean Royce

I’d never trust anything The Verge has to say.


Nexus cameras are horrible in general. I’ve seen less grain at a mill.


I’m pretty happy with my current phone, the LG Optimus G which is rumoured to get kit kat within a couple of months. Might upgrade to the next G version to come out.