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Now the latest flagships have arrived, it’s likely that there will be a huge number of Samsung Galaxy S4 phones going cheap on eBay, Gumtree and private sales so it seems an opportunistic time to speak about the phones capabilities, or lack of. There should be little doubt that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the giant of its generation in Android but it was missing one very useful and (for some users at least) very important feature; Wireless Charging. There’s a number of solutions out there to resolve this for you, Qi replacement covers (Samsung Branded are rather pricey) are one of the more commercially available options but the guys at Gadgets 4 Geeks have a solution for users; Qi Wireless Charging Receiver Card for Samsung Galaxy S4.

Running at a “that’s chump change” price of $18.95 grabbing the charging receiver card is a no brainer, particularly if you were an early adopter of the wireless charging technology, you’re likely to have at least one Qi Wireless charging pad around your house or workplace already. This makes upgrading your Galaxy S4 to Wireless charging inexpensive and very easy, without noticeably changing the profile of your device.

To install the card, simply remove the back of your phone and lay the wireless charging receiver card into the phone ensuring the contacts sit appropriately into the right spot. Then gently lay your phone back cover over the card and clip the back of the phone on; it’s as simple as that.

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Even if you didn’t hop on the Wireless charging train when it left the station, the boys at Gadgets 4 Geeks have got you covered with a Universal Qi Wireless Charging Pad which is one of the more stylish that I’ve seen for under AUD$50.00 displaying a red rim around the mat when your device is charging and blue when your device is fully charged.

Qi Charging Mat

The placement of the device doesn’t need to be anywhere near as precise as previous generations of wireless charging and also charges much faster than the first generation also.

The pair — Charging Pad and receiver card — will set you back less than $60 and when you plug in the AUSDROID-S4QI discount code at checkout you’ll receive the customary Ausdroid discount on your purchase.

Tell us your experiences with Wireless charging; first or second generation of the technology.

Thanks: Gadgets 4 Geeks.
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    excellent, also of note, Clove have the same type of card for the S5 (presumably better than samsungs solution requiring a bigger back cover) – I assume that there are no magnets in the S line phones for the upright chargers like for the Nexus 5 ?


    Love the wireless charging on my Nexus 5, very surprised to learn that so called flag ship devices form other brands don’t include this as standard.


    I have used one of these induction units from eBay and noticed it bulged the case ever so slightly. It was enough to cause the phone to wobble on the desk as it no longer sat flat


    I’m just trying to diagnose problems with a card that looks like the one pictured and a cheapo base from ebay. The phone – an SGS3 only intermittently charges and seems to be temperamental. I’m not sure if it’s the pad, the card or maybe even a custom rom that’s upsetting everything.

    Other than that, when it works it’s great!

    Phil Tann

    Having used a lot of them, some of the cheap charging mats require very precise placement of the phone for the induction charging to work. I had an SGS3 with wireless charging card and had the same issue on one of my charging mats.

    vijay alapati

    will this be useful for S5?

    Yianni soc

    The Charging pad can be used for any Qi Compliant device.

    The S5 will need a new Qi recevier card as the wireless charging points on the phone have been changed by Samsung – we (Gadgets 4 Geeks) will be getting these updated S5 Charging receviers in as soon as they’re available.


    No idea on price yet, is there?

    Yianni soc

    Should be roughly about the same price.


    17 pounds for the S5 receiver card if thats what you meant ? http://blog.clove.co.uk/2014/04/09/qi-wireless-charging-receiver-card-samsung-galaxy-s5/

    Yianni soc

    They’re in.. price is $24.95 (+free post) they’re slightly cheaper than the S4 was at launch.