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It looks like Google are testing a new Gmail app for Android and from what I can tell there are some nice changes heading our way.

As with most Google updates these days this one is bringing with it a new user interface which includes a coloured Action Bar as seen on several of Google’s other apps including the recently updated Google Keep.


It’s not just about the interface though with a few useful features added into the mix as well. There are a few new tabs including Travel, Purchases and Finance. Depending on how you work, these new tabs will make organising your email that little bit easier, or will provide a few extra places to lose them.

There is also a new Pinned feature that looks to be replacing the current star system. You can now pin an email so that it stays at the top of your inbox but there is a nice little toggle that will allow you to turn the feature off so that those pinned emails return to their place in your inbox.


The final new feature that we know about is the ability to snooze an email. You will be able to choose how long to snooze an email and it will be marked as read until the end of that period when it will then be marked as unread and return to the top of your inbox. I am constantly looking for ways to manage my emails and these possible new features could be very helpful.

We now just have to wait and see if these features make it to the final version and hopefully we won’t have to wait too long.

Will these new features be useful to you and do you like the direction Google is headed with Gmail?

Source: Geek.com.

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Ausdroid Reader

The snooze needs to move the email out of the inbox altogether until unsnoozed!

Luke Vesty
Ausdroid Reader
Luke Vesty

If it’s legit it’s a radical visual overhaul. It’s like Google flat design 2.0. Spotless clean and crisp.

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