Samsung’s own answer to Whatsapp, ChatON has been updated and posted to the Google Play Store and the Samsung App Store. Adding a handful of new features, some minor bug fixes and improvements to existing functions; the app is quite useful when your friends are on it.

The latest version brings an increase in the size of large files you can transfer to a whopping 1GB, you can now have up to 1001 people in a group chat (that would have to be total chaos?) and a handful of new translation features with the addition of Arabic, Turkish, Farsi and Hindi, bringing the total number of languages supported by ChatON to 14.

The additional Glympse feature of location sharing can be hugely useful if you’re supposed to be meeting friends somewhere, they can view your location real time when you allow them to through the app.

But the feature that users may take a liking to more than others is the ability to recall (delete from the recipients device) messages in a 1 to 1 chat. Great for the late night drunk texting “oh no, I didn’t really send that did I?” even if they have already read the message.

If this sounds like a good combination of functions to you, then hit the Play Store Link below.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

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Source: Samsung Tomorrow.