+ Sunday January 26th, 2020


Facebook has unleashed an update to its Messenger service for Android users which allow users to ‘pin’ their chats right to their home screen.

The update, bringing the app to version 4.0, brings it into line with the recent iOS update pushed out to those users last week. The new Messenger app brings one of biggest new features, enabling users to create groups of their friends and then pin these gatherings to a dedicated Groups tab, making it easier to chat altogether without having multiple chat screens open.

However, unlike our iOS counterparts, Android users can now also add a shortcut to any group or conversation directly from their Android home screen, enabling users the ability to open up a floating chat head with a single tap, without the need to open and navigate through the app.

The update is pushing its way out to Android devices, however if you want to grab the update now instead of waiting, you can head over to the Play Store to download the update immediately.

Do you currently use the Facebook Messenger app? Will this new feature and update make it easier for you to use? What would you like to see Facebook bring to its messenger services in future updates? We would like to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Engdaget, and Google Play.

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I thought Android FB Messenger already had chat heads? Or is this something different

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