Australian onlne retailer Kogan has released its pricing for the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8. They’ll set you back $799 and $829 respectively (plus shipping), and ship in 1-2 weeks according to the item pages.

As with many of Kogan’s products, the stock is imported from overseas suppliers so you might need to be careful before you hit the Buy button.

Galaxy S5 – $799

Kogan’s Galaxy S5 models appear to be overseas models (SM-G900I), powered by Samsung’s Octa-core Exynos CPUs.

In 2014 these phones seemed to pack a little more bang for buck in terms of performance, at the price of Australian 4G LTE coverage. This seems to be the case again this year, with the product pages only advising of 2G and 3G bands. If you’re in the market for a Galaxy S5 and don’t care for 4G LTE on your carrier, this might be a good choice for you.

While this is a hefty discount from Samsung’s RRP of $929, remember that the models aren’t actually the same so it’s not an apples-to-apples comparison. It’s worth remembering that Millennius is also offering the Galaxy S5, but the SM-G900 model compatible with Australian 4G LTE for $798 shipped.

You’ll find them here: white / black

HTC One M8 – $829

In contrast to the Galaxy S5, Kogan’s stock of the HTC One M8 is compatible with our 4G bands and thus might represent a good alternative if you’re not interested in the grey model offered in Australia at the moment.

Kogan’s HTC One M8 stock lists Australian 4G LTE frequencies, and is available in grey, gold and silver colours. We’re yet to see the last two on sale here.

While HTC’s RRP for the One M8 is $899, remember that Telstra currently charges $840 for the phone outright. When you add shipping, Kogan’s One M8 will tip that scale a little bit. It seems that’s the price you pay for exclusive colours.

You’ll find them here: grey / gold / silver


As Kogan’s selling imported units, they provide their own warranty on the products. You should check the conditions of their warranty before you buy, and get in touch with them if you’re not sure what’s covered by it.

Are you tempted to purchase an imported Galaxy S5 or One M8? What’s your preference? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Kogan.
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Just got my Galaxy S5 from Kogan. Waiting time was 12 days. I did not realize the phone was shipped from Hongkong (hence no GST — 10% cheaper than offline shops). The phone came in Hongkong default (Chinese language, keyboards, browser home page). They even came in HK charger adapters but Kogan bundled additonal AU adapters (which is just simple black charger — not white and sleek like the originals). I wish they put all these info on the product page. If you’re going out overseas this month, buying from offline shop and claiming TRS (GST refund) might be a… Read more »


I had a play with the M8 as well. Very nice. Quality seems superb.

Mohammad Sahid

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I got to play with the HTC in JB on Elizabeth st Melbourne. Have to say it’s a fine piece of machinery.


Lol get fucked, not worth it.


Phones are getting to apple (ridiculous) prices

Sean Royce

They are flagships. It’s expected.


ok soooo millennius still has the cheapest S5 in australia… who cares about the others


Worth noting that the Telstra M8 is the 2.5ghz version too


Same with Optus one. I think all aussie M8s have the 2.5ghz asian version.


Nice little bonus, not that it would make any real world difference of course unless you were really pushing the phone hard (gaming?)


Jeez louise. That’s one spicy meatball. I remember the S4 and One being in the $600-700 ballpark last time and I think the jump this time has been one of the most iterative.


You have to assume that they assume few will be purchasing such an iterative attempt – and therefore want to make more margin on each phone to offset the lower volumes.

I really don’t see these as significantly better than the Nexus 5 (worse, in OS support terms) and so don’t see any way they can justify the price over the $400 of the N5.


and isn’t the beauty of android? choices for all budgets, needs and wants


exchange rate has changed a little over the year so them trying a higher price is expected.

As usual when they jack up the price grey imports become better value


I would Love an M8 but could never justify the price over a Nexus 5. Maybe if work was paying for a $60 mobile plan with included M8.