Asus C200 - 4
Asus has bought into ChromeOS big, in the next couple of months they have three Chromeboxes launching, one of which is the high-end Chromebox for Meetings to be launched in conjunction with Google. Now their upcoming Chromebook has appeared on Google+ with the model designation: C200.

There’s not much known about the interals of the C200, it has an ‘Intel Inside’ sticker on the right below the keyboard, which could indicate either a Haswell based CPU or even a newer ‘Bay Trail’ CPU’s which are their power efficient current processors. Unlikely, but possible, depending on when they arrive at retail is they could include the recently announced ‘Braswell’ processors, which are the successors to the Bay Trail chips.

Asus C200 - 2

The sticker showing features of the Chromebook, placed under the keyboard on the left hand side spruiks ‘All Day Battery life’ which is an indicator of one of these new power efficient CPU’s. Unfortunately there’s no other information at this stage, that can be discerned from this sticker, except the Chromebook will be light and ‘Ultra-thin’, contain high quality audio and a HDMI out.

Unfortunately the URL from the sticker simply redirects to website, but keep an eye on that URL. Asus is one of the best when it comes to getting well built laptops out the door at great prices, we’ll have to wait a while longer to see what they can do price wise. Hopefully we don’t have to wait long.

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Can we get a Chromebook with a decent display please (apart from the Pixel)?


HP 11 has a nice IPS. Internals are not so great though…


I should have been more specific. Can we get a high resolution display on a Chromebook?


The new Samsung 13′ is coming with full HD