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Following what can only be described as a disastrous two (or so) years financially for HTC, with declining sales, turning to declining profits to operating losses. While it’s not yet the pot of gold that they’re looking for, HTC have posted their latest earnings report which detailed around a US$1bn turnover and an operating loss of roughly US$64 million.

Yeah, that’s pretty gloomy still but it’s certainly better than over US$100 Million operating losses which they suffered last year and their sales figures are on the up, likely a by-product of the release of the HTC One (M8). Their forecast for Q2 of 2014 paints a much rosier picture with expected profit for the first time in over two years and hopefully continuing that positive trend as the year continues.

Is the One (M8) the shot in the arm that HTC needed to get their sales and declining profits back on track?

Source: BloombergHTC.
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vijay alapati

they need to start getting into tablet and wearables space soon before its too late…..come on samsung and sony are already in…..why not u…..hope next nexus is from HTC


Wasn’t the original one meant to bring them back to the green?, heard this before.

Frankly they only have themselves to blame for their predicament. Silly CEO prefers to spend on Facebook phones and Beats audio


Fingers crossed. HTC are an excellent hardware manufacturer and more competition is only ever a good thing.

Phil Tann

Couldn’t agree more! HTC have a history of great hardware for the time and the latest version of Sense hasn’t annoyed me anywhere near as much as other iterations of the software. Frankly, if it’s on merits I think that HTC have won this round and the S5 should be playing catch up. But the unfortunate reality is that Samsung market their devices extremely well and HTC have yet to learn the art of marketing to their market. Once they learn this instead of relying on a stale reputation that they earned 4 or 5 generations of phone ago, they’ll… Read more »