HTC One (M8) BoxThose of you who’ve jumped on the HTC One (M8) bandwagon at this early stage (a few of us at Ausdroid might be amongst you) might be wondering where the announced launch accessories are up to. In particular, you might be curious about the Dot View cover or Double Dip Case — and so are we!

HTC’s Australian accessories store lists both the Dot View Case and Double Dip Case in their catalog, however at the time of writing, they’re not available. They are, however, available for pre-order, meaning if you want to lay down some cash, you’ll likely be the first to get your hands on one of these. There are, of course, a heap of other accessories for the One (M8) and other HTC devices as well, so if you’re in the market for one, go check it out.

In our scouting around local retailers, none of those with the One (M8) available seem to have any HTC accessories. JB HiFi, Telstra stores and Vodafone stores around the northern suburbs of Sydney don’t have any, and inquiries with respective stock controllers seem to suggest this isn’t going to change too quickly.

UPDATE: It appears that the Telstra stores around the Ausdroid office are the exception rather than the rule. We’ve had reports of the Dot View case being available in Telstra stores in Western Sydney as well as in Hobart, so it seems that they are indeed available, but if your local store doesn’t have them, try somewhere else.

We’ve personally looked at Winston Hills, Blacktown, Parramatta, Carlingford and Macquarie Park, and only managed to find the Double Dip and Dot View cases at the Telstra Shop at Macquarie Centre. There might be cases elsewhere, but in visiting a dozen or so stores this morning, these cases are indeed very hard to come buy at the moment.

If you see these available in store anywhere, be sure to let us know!

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Long Term HTC Fan

Hi Guys, Bought my One M8 & Dot View case on the 8th @ Narellan Telstra shop. Brilliant phone, very happy with it & the dot view case just adds that extra bit of functionality & protection. Well worth the extra spend.


I pre-ordered my M8 from Harvey Norman (Perth) and it was supposed to come with a free Dot View case, but they have no idea when they will even be getting them… stupid!


We’ve got the DOT cases at Telstra shops in western sydney


Oh really? That’s excellent news. Can you let me know where you’ve sighted them so I can update the story please? 🙂


Seems most telstra shops have them, I almost bought one today but only working with stock apps is a deal killer for $45

Sean Royce

What did you expect? For it to work with hundreds of third party apps?


Not really, but displaying the icon for whatever active notification you have would be great.