Once the Google Chromecast Developer SDK was finally released for official builds, there has been a pretty constant stream (see what I did there?) of new content that you can play through your Chromecast. Now Rdio, Vudu and Crackle are adding the the ever growing list of content providers with their streaming services.

Each of the mentioned services have published updates for their apps (both Android and iOS versions) that now have support for Chromecast streaming. For services that have a web platform, you’re able to push content easily to your connected television via the Chrome browser as well.

You can pick up a Chromecast for under $50.00 Australian if you’re keen, then the streaming world is yours on as large a scale as you wish (or at least as big as your TV is).

Do services like this get you excited now they can be streamed easily, or are you using another service that’s already Chromecast capable?

Source: Google Chromecast Page.
Via: 9 to 5 Google.