Sony has partnered up with Wild Life Sydney Zoo at Darling Harbour for a bit of a promotion on their QX Lens-Style cameras, enlisting the help of Bruce, Aaron, and Bill – three koalas in residence to help show off the selfie.

Sony, with help from the keepers at the zoo, showed off how easy to use the lens-style cameras are, with the Koalas taking their own ‘selfies’. Tory Cefai, Product Manager, Sony Australia said of the exercise

We wanted to know if the koala could take their own selfie. With the versatility of the cybershot QX and a lot of smart people behind the scenes, we made it happen.

Looks like some fun, check it out, including the actual Koala ‘Selfies’ at the end of the video.

Source: Sony Australia YouTube.
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Aww, cute commercial but I’m still not buying it, Sony.