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Google is adding more features to YouTube streaming through the Chromecast, with the added ability to stream private videos and also live streams appearing in a newly released update.

However it would seem that the users wishing to watch live streaming videos on their Chromecast are only able to initiate the live streaming videos through Chromecast via Chrome for desktop browser, as the YouTube for Android app is still reporting at this stage an incompatibility with live streams.

Google have yet to update its support page, which will remove this limitation like it did for private videos and there is no word on when it will be updated. One thing is certain, that this takes care of two categories of videos that were still not working or at least officially enabled with Chromecast, meaning that only non-mobile enabled videos as the lone holdout feature yet to be switched on.

You can now activate a live stream on the Chromecast just as you would any other video, simply click the button and set the playback location to the dongle rather than your computer. At this stage it is unclear if or when Google will expand live streaming capabilities from the Youtube for Android app to Chromecast at this stage, but given it is now active for the desktop browser, we could certainly expect an update to come through soon, hopefully.

Have you tried out Live Streaming from the desktop browser to Chromecast. Would you like to see this expand to the YouTube App for Android devices? We would like to hear your thoughts below

Source: Android PoliceEngadget.
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    Dylan Wheeler

    Haha how many can I take through customs before they get suspicious?


    I’d say quite a few.. More than a dozen and you’ll raise eyebrows. So mail them back! 😉

    Dylan Wheeler

    So stoked I’m in the US on holidays right now, picking up a few of these bad boys!


    Can git m one? Dylan, pls.

    But seriously, why the hell don’t we have them in AU yet? Feeling very neglect.