2014-04-10 08_53_35-Manifesto - Texting while driving video - YouTube

Personally I know I’ve harped on it before, but it’s something that is quite near to my heart as an emergency services worker. I’ve been to too many fatal crashes, a significant percentage of which are caused by inattentive driving.

Whether that be mobile phone related or not, some distractions in your vehicle can be controlled like having the self restraint to either pull over when you get a message or wait until you arrive at your destination before checking it; The results can be catastrophic if you don’t.

Will advertising like this hit the target market hard enough to change attitudes?

Source: The US Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
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    Joshua Hill

    I just heard about a driver, in Melbourne I believe, who hit a cyclist while texting 7 people. The cyclist is possibly a quadriplegic and the driver is more concerned over the damage to their vehicle than to the cyclist.

    vijay alapati

    its hard for people to avoid texts while driving as we are getting addicted more and more with mobiles in our life, hope the “car integration with phones” will change the way we use phones in car

    Phil Tann

    Perhaps I’m taking a too simplistic view on things, if it’s urgent people call… A text message can wait!

    The road crash rescue crews in SA have a saying: It’s better to arrive 5 minutes late than to be dead on time.

    Joshua Hill

    It’s just as well humans have rational thought and self control then. It may be hard but there’s no excuse for recklessly and illegally endangering the lives of others.