Dropbox went on a bit of a roll this morning pushing a whole heap of new services and Apps. Along with their Dropbox for business and Mailbox for Android, they introduced Carousel.

Carousel describes their new App as ‘a single home for all your photos and videos’, It’s basically a new way to swap and share photos and videos and builds on the Auto-Upload service that they’ve been including in the Dropbox app for a while now.

You can group photos and videos into specific events – i.e my Trip to Singapore etc. and you can also save pictures, videos or entire albums that your friends share; an espescially useful feature if you want to amalgamate photos and videos from friends or family you went on holiday with.

You can share photos and videos within the app to friends using Name, Email address or phone number and then they can comment etc on the photos and vice versa.

It’s an interesting use and the amalgamation of albums and photos is quite an interesting idea. Check it out now in Google Play.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁
Source: Dropbox.