Calendar - Timely work in progress
The recently leaked GMail udpate for Android will apparently have a corresponding update for the Calendar, according to leaked screenshots shown on

Russell Holly reports that he was able to test out the new Calendar App which is going under the code-name ‘Timely’ at Google, at which time he was able to take some screenshots and get a pretty good look at the direction that Google is going with their new App designs.

Visually, it appears flatter and more minimal with new features including a split-screened day planner with a month view at the top. Russell cites some new animations, which creates a parallax effect when swiping from month to month.

There’s some interesting tidbits in there and the article is worth a look. There’s no telling if this is the final design, but the features such as social integration from Google+ with birthdays and agenda view, look very promising.

Via: AndroidCentral.
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    “… it appears flatter and more minimal”

    eg worse