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Dropbox held an event in the US this morning, where they’ve announced a number of new things such as their Dropbox for business service is now available for everyone. But more importantly, they’ve announced their up till now iOS only email App – Mailbox, is now available for Android.

At this stage, Mailbox only supports iCloud (yep, that logo will throw you when you first log in on an Android phone) and GMail, but they hope to bring it to more platforms soon.

If you haven’t heard of Mailbox before, at its core, it’s all about being able to triage your email quickly and easily, essentially they want you to reach inbox 0. In Mailbox, you can archive, trash or set the email to reappear at a later time or add it to a list with swipes of different types.

It’s certainly a good looking App, and the feature which allows mail to return to your inbox is a key feature for this App. Try it out for yourself, it’s available now in Google Play.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁
Source: Mailbox.
Via: Dropbox Twitter.
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    Oliver Ward

    moving to Mailbox would mean ditching the tags i already use in Gmail & the folders i use in iCloud…. in testing it this morning i can confirm it does not pick up folders from an iCloud account. they really need to add this support if they want people to adopt.

    Yianni soc

    I tried to give it a go this morning.
    When i click on an email – nothing happens…. very buggy iOS port i’m thinking.
    I’d wait a month before giving it a proper go.

    the swipe functionality is an interesting concept.. i’m thinking Gmail next version will have something similar.


    Hmmm… my email is very fundamental to me. I have GMail filters labelling everything.
    Would anyone move from GMail to Mailbox? What would it get me?