In the slow march to add new features to Google Now, we’ve recently seen changes which will allow us to be reminded what bills are due and when. In an APK teardown published at Android Police, it looks as if we may have another function just around the corner — one to allow Google Now to remember where you parked your car.

nexusae0_wm_parkedThis isn’t just a hopeful guess at what Google may be working on; they’ve found evidence in the APK showing that there’s already code in place to handle this function, possibly already gathering data to help them improve the capability of the service prior to officially launching it.

This is a function that we see some benefit in having; we all forget where we’ve parked from time to time, and having a timely reminder in such an easily accessible way is definitely a good thing. I can see a lot of Android users benefiting from this simple new feature.

You can see a picture of how this might look to the right (image courtesy of Android Police).

The code snippets below are only minimal at the moment, but it looks pretty promising.

/values-en-rGB/ <string name=”car_location”>Where you parked</string>

/values-en-rIN/ <string name=”car_location”>Where you parked</string>

/values-es/ <string name=”car_location”>Dónde has aparcado</string>

/values-mn-rMN/ <string name=”car_location”>Таны парк хийсэн газар</string>

Pretty cool function, that will make Google Now a more functional for all users; particularly those who travel a lot or are just a touch forgetful.

Have you ever lost briefly forgotten where you parked your car? Would you have used this function?

Source: Android Police.
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    I wonder if it includes which floor, in multi-level car parks? Now that would be useful.


    As Iong as you can start your question with “Dude..”

    Phillip Molly Malone

    At the G carpark (MCG that is) I often can’t remember exactly where I parked when returning to it!