Samsung have introduced two new anti-theft features for the US Cellular and Verizon versions of their latest flagship the Galaxy S5. The features follow in a long line of security apps including Cerberus Anti-Theft and Google’s own Android Device Manager.

Android Device Manager

Find my mobile touts the ability to locate a lost or stolen device or remotely lock it, rendering the device useless to potential profiteering thieves. The other new feature is known as reactivation lock which; as the name suggests, prevents anyone but the owner from resetting the device.

Of course, someone will find a way around these features but it’s certainly going to be a reasonably successful deterrent to the low tech phone snatchers. Some nice thinking by Samsung to lock users further into their ecosystem, but most users who are likely to use such software have probably already paid for an app to do the job or have developed a favourite amongst the many contenders.

Source: Cnet.
Via: Phone Arena.