In late March Samsung began an advertising campaign for their new Galaxy Tab Pro series of tablets that, while amusing, took a very obvious swipe at all of their competitors.

The latest in this series is another swipe directly at the Apple iPad. This time around, Samsung shows off the simple yet extremely useful function of separate logins and profiles for multiple users on a single device.

Is this type of advertising clever, amusing or just plain juvenile? Share your thoughts with us.

Source: Samsung USA YouTube.
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I’m over the bickering between Apple and Samsung. Advertise the benefits of your products not the so called failings of other.


Isn’t this a “pro” tablet though? If this is designed for professional use a child should not have access to it at all. Buy them a <$300 tab 3 to add kiddie crap to.
I like these tablets but advertise real benefits

Sean Royce

I personally think all tablets are gimmicky and useless. That’s just me though. And I’ve owned two tablets myself.


I agree, though I see people use them for exactly what they are good for. It just doesn’t suit me and my needs. Would always rather a laptop with touch pad, keyboard. Real feedback is always needed in my opinion.

Sean Royce

They’re so gimmicky though. Basically no productivity available in them at all. Most of them are just for games and facebook and reading books.


But gimmicks only annoy you if they outweigh or get in the way of practicality to the individual user. I use mine for reading news at home if I’m on the couch/ Facebook and as my Remote control via an Rti and Chromecasting Google movies. My mum though uses hers for games emails Web browsing and occasional youtube. Things that you couldn’t be bothered or don’t need a laptop for but work better than on a phone. That’s a reason. But compared to a phone or laptop it’s a very limited reason!


I use my TV for news when I’m on the couch, my remote control as my remote control, and my PC or phone for any other needs. Tablets are useless. Too big when you are on the go and not practical at home.


The simple fact millions upon millions of tablets have been sold warrants your smart arse reply actually wrong. Practicality is based on the user. If you don’t need something, don’t buy it but obviously some people (a lot of people) have use for them so if you have nothing productive to add…


My tablet is for mobile phone tasks, web browsin, Gmail, media consumption, and WP (Kingsoft Office).
Its GPU is too lowly for games.
I knew its limitations before buying, and I knew what I needed it to be able to do.

Too many people buy tech because it seems cool, without having any initial planned use.
A lot of these people then wind up claiming that the tech they bought is useless.
My tablet gets plenty of use every day and is not gimicky.

Phil Tann

I’m on my 4th or 5th tablet, I use mine daily. I can see how some people won’t have a use for them though.


Love android but if you need a tablet with multiple log ins and work etc get a surface. Surface isn’t great for games and oodles of pointless apps but for what they need surface.