The Walking Dead is one of the more popular shows on television at the moment. The post apocalyptic series follows the lives of a small number of survivors in a world where most of the population have become “walkers”. Zombies!

Like many popular shows that have come before it, The Walking Dead has made its way to game media and now it’s available on mobile platform. Beware this is no lightweight download, you’re looking at about 1.1GB download for the initial install and additional files for the game.

The Walking Dead: Season One
The Walking Dead: Season One

The other catch is (more if you become addicted to the game) that only Season 1 of the game is free to play, if you’re after seasons 2 – 5 are available as in-app purchases inside the game. I’m only a very short way into the game at the moment and it really feels like the decisions I’ve made have changed my experience in the game. I strongly recommend that it’s something you’re going to get the best experience from by playing on a tablet device (7″ or larger).

Have you survived a swarm of Zombies? Share your tips for staying alive?

Source: Play Store.
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    Iain Simmons

    Has anyone else had issues with the audio going crazy on this and other games? It sounds like it’s in slow-mo and a broken record at the same time. Not acceptable for games like this with lots of dialogue.

    I’m using a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 running the SlimKat Custom ROM (yes, I probably deserve it just because of this!)


    For those that have played the PC or console versions as well, is it a better experience on touchscreens than on keyboard/mouse or controller?

    Phil Tann

    So far, yes!
    I’ve only put in about 2 hours into the game so far, but it’s really good as a touch experience. Particularly when you tap the zombies face and your character stomps the crap out of them, the tactile input for such an outcome is strangely satisfying. 😀