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Google is very well aware of the information and a lot of the time mis-information that floats around with regards to the security of Android. They have put measures in place over the years, from Bouncer, to the ability to Verify Apps when installed, but today they announced they’re going further by announcing the Verify Apps function will continue to scan Apps after they’re installed.

In Google’s words, the new version of Verify Apps ‘will now continually check devices to make sure that all apps are behaving in a safe manner, even after installation.’

The ability to ‘Verify Apps’ was introduced in Android 4.2, and if you’re running a version of Android greater than this, it’s highly recommended that you go to Settings > Security > Verify apps and check the box. If you have a tablet using multiple profiles the tablet owner will have to enable this setting.

When you turn on Verify Apps, anything you install will be scanned. You’ll be prompted if there’s a possibility of an issue, you’ll see one of four screens :

Now, this is mainly a PR exercise, but there is a kernel of truth to security issues on Android; But it’s minor, Google has advised that 0.18% of installs were malicious. But Google is committed and personally, I hope they continue to be this vigilant.

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    Get ready for more battery drain.

    vijay alapati

    what a bad render, ICS status bar on Nexus 5 that was launched with KITKAT :p

    Daniel Tyson

    Google supplied the pic, not us.