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My Optus
Optus customers are now being given the opportunity to sign up to a beta testing group for the My Optus app according to an update on their Google Play page. The Beta is being run from a Google Group as opposed to a Google+ community, which is neither here, nor there as there are pros and cons for both.

If you’re an Optus customer, use the My Optus Android App and are interested in trying out new things; you can head to the My Optus Beta Google Group and join. Once done you can head over to the My Optus Beta Google Play page and sign in as a tester. Finally, check in on the My Optus Google Play page and download any updates.

At this stage there does not appear to be a changelog for differences in the Beta My Optus App. We’ve approached Optus to see if they can supply one and we’ll update if we get something. Till then go check it out.

My Optus
My Optus
Price: Free
Source: My Optus Google PlayMy Optus Beta Google Group.
Thanks: Brad.
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    slightly off topic but is there a page anywhere where I can go to see what apps I’m a beta tester on ? I’ve signed up for a few and its hard to remember them all these days

    Daniel Tyson

    I generally just check the Communities page in the G+ app. But no, there doesn’t appear to be one place where you can check, as they cross G+ as well as Google Groups. Would be definitely a benefit to have it as a section in Google Play.


    Would be nice if they would let you recharge via paypal in the app like they do on the website so I hope thats in the beta