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Here at Ausdroid we have been covering the leaks by startup company OnePlus regarding their upcoming release of their first ever phone offering, the OnePlus One. Each day it seems that OnePlus are leaking tidbits about the phone, usually using official social media channels. Today what appears to be samples of photos taken by the OnePlus One with its 13MP camera toting a Sony Exmor IMX214 6-Lens sensor have leaked, unofficially.

The photos appear to have excellent colour reproduction and the macro and depth of field photos are also excellent. While the photos are compressed so it is not possible to get more details from them they show that the camera in the OnePlus One is an extremely capable camera.

The OnePlus One has impressive specs, boasting a 5.5″ JDI 1080p display,Snapdragon 801 CPU (MSM8974AC), 3100+mAh battery,Sony Exmor IMX214 6-Lens 13MP camera, 3GB of RAM and comes in 16GB and 64GB variants, all for under $400US. With other phones, notably the Nexus 5 also available at this price there is often corners cut to make this price point. With the Nexus 5 it is unfortunately the camera and while the OnePlus motto is #NeverSettle it is hard to beloeve they can make this price without settling somewhere. From these pictures, it is good to see that it is unlikely to be the camera that they settle on.

s_02b557df8a944b098d9280df94d65b60 oneplus-one-photo-sample-1 oneplus-one-photo-sample-2 oneplus-one-photo-sample-4 oneplus-one-photo-sample-5

OnePlus, in combination with Cyanogen Inc have also hinted at a new camera interface coming with the OnePlus One. Today a commit to the Cyanogenmod github by Cyanogen himself mentioning a new camera app has been noticed.
Screenshot 2014-04-13_cropped
Just as the Cyanogenmod version of the gallery has become GalleryNext it seems that the camera app will become CameraNext. Considering how intuitive GalleryNext is I can’t wait to see what the guys at Cyanogen Inc have in store for us with their new camera UI.

OnePlus is also slowly announcing the countries that they are going to be releasing the phone in. Following the trend and the patterns of the images it appears that Australia is NOT in the list of release countries. They have listed each country in Europe where the device will be released to and with the first 2 on the list already leaked it appears there is no position for Australia to be slotted into the list.

Putting on my glass half full hat I can refer back to the statement by One Plus

It will be in your native language, the currency you pay in will be your local currency, and all aspects of the experience will be catered to your region. For instance on the product page where we talk about network connectivity, we will also show you what carriers the OnePlus One is compatible with in your country.

Continuing my optimism we can interpret this to mean that these countries being announced now are those that have the ordering website in their own language and currency. Hopefully the One Plus One will still be available for purchase for other countries from a standard international website which will serve those English speaking countries not listed. Their cousins at Oppo (Oppo are actually making the OnePlus One for OnePlus) have their phones available for order from their OppoStyle website with free DHL shipping on all phones to anywhere in the world so it is hard to see why OnePlus could not do this as well.

Am I living in my own little world here? Is it just wishful thinking and Australia will be left out as will much of the rest of the world too?

Do you like the look of the images the OnePlus One produces? Will you be getting one of these, assuming we can?

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To be fair, Australia is not a European country, so doesn’t belong in that list, anyway.

Garfield, Andrew

They aren’t just announcing European countries though.


Exactly. Since that list only contains European countries, the fact that Australia has no spot means nothing.

Garfield, Andrew

The list is actually just referring to the countries it will launch in – not specifically European countries. They’ve already added Taiwan and Hong Kong to it, so why are you saying it has to be European countries?


You’re right; it appears I made an unwarranted assumption that was wrong.

Eason Qin

23rd is the day


After being ultimately a little disappointed by the HTC One M8 specs, I am leaning towards the Oneplus One more and more every day. Battery capacity and RAM specs are the key for me as I am a power user of my phone and expect it to keep up. Camera doesn’t phase me as long as it is responsive and fast. I am prepared to buy this from another region or from Mobicity if necessary. As long as it covers Telstra frequencies, which I assume they will due to the AT&T likeness and our quite standard LTE freuquency banding here.… Read more »


We may have to ship this in as well!


stay posted here to Ausdroid- Myself and Dan are all over it so will let you all know as soon as anything changes or happens.


WOW, this is unreal

vijay alapati

Why No Australia? After seeing the sample pics and the price i’m now tempted ;p
Wish they reconsider countries one more time 🙂


let’s all be optimistic everyone. I am hoping they will have an international ordering site… when they don’t have the usual distribution channels (which they don’t to save costs) there is no reason to limit sales.