Last month, the Glass team advised the Explorers that they would be suspending their monthly updates for a while to concentrate on a single large update – the update to KitKat. Well, Google has just advised that the update is ready and they’ll be pushing the update out later this week.

In their Google+ post, the Glass team describes how the update to KitKat will improve battery life as well as make Glass more reliable. The updated APIs in KitKat will mean that developers of Glassware will be able to work with the most current SDK as well as GDK.

But, wait, that’s not all. The Glass team as been working on more functionality as well as the KitKat update, they’ll include : Photo bundles, Photo replies in Hangouts and Voice command sorting.

Photo Bundles will allow Glass Explorers to see more of their photos, videos and vignettes in bundles. Photo Replies will allow you to reply to a ‘What’s Up’ question with a photo and Voice Command sorting will now sort frequently and recently used commands to the top of the voice command menu.

They are also making the ability to send feedback even easier, Explorers can now ‘Tap on the device info card in Settings and tell us what’s on your mind’. But Hey, Explorers can always still just call or email Google or post in the Glass community.

But they are removing features. Apparently Video Calls through Glass haven’t been living up to Google’s high standards, according to Google, Glass Explorers aren’t using the functionality, so they’re being removed until they – or the developer community -can improve them.

There’s more changes, which the Glass team will detail down the track on the Glass Journal in the Explorers Community.

Source: Glass Google+.
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