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Chrome Remote Desktop on Android
Chrome Remote Desktop has been one of the most handy utilities for accessing your desktop remotely for a number of years now. From your desktop at work or your Chromebook on the go, accessing your desktop easily from a remote location has saved many a skin who has left a file behind and now it’s come to Android.

You’ll need to do some basic setup on your home PC by installing the Chrome Extension – available for both Windows and Mac – which is available from the Chrome Web Store and then run through the setup. You’ll need a six-digit pin to setup your computer for remote access but after that, all you will need is the Chrome Remote Desktop app for Android.

Once installed launch Chrome Remote Desktop on your Android phone or Tablet and select your PC, enter your PIN and you’re Chromoting. Check it out now in Google Play.

Chrome Remote Desktop
Chrome Remote Desktop
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
Source: Chrome BlogGoogle Play.
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    David Watt

    I find the Microsoft RDP Client for Android works flawlessly and has all the options and features you need.


    With regards to Windows, using a remote desktop application may be in breach of your license agreement if the machine you are connecting from is not also licenced for Windows (which in our case we don’t being Android). An alternative may be special licenses specifically for this purpose…


    Not bad at all. I hope this gets better than Splashtop. I feel like I’ve wasted my money on that due to all the different versions.


    I’ve been waiting for this for a long time- been using 3rd party apps until now. Controlling my windows pc from my chromebook has always been easier though… now i have this! seems to work well…


    I’d really like the reverse of this – remote Android on my desktop. The existing VNC implementations leave a lot to be desired.