Qantas Store GS5
The Galaxy S5 is now here in stores, and even subsidised on a plan it costs a pretty penny. But Qantas has now added the Galaxy S5 to their Qantas store to let you swap those accrued Qantas Frequent Flyer(QFF) Points for Samsung’s latest flagship.

The phone can be exchanged for 173,500 QFF points with no money changing hands, or on a sliding scale in a mix of cash and QFF points down to a minimum of 104,100 QFF points + $534.38 in cash. There’s a 21 day wait for orders to be despatched, so this isn’t an order that will get you instant gratification, but it will get there.

There’s a number of ways to get Qantas Frequent Flyer, from using the Woolworths Everyday Rewards card or even using Optus’ services, which are all listed on the Qantas website. (Ed: We’re not advocating joining up for QFF, just informing)

If you are a Qantas Frequent Flyer and have some points you’d like to exchange, you can head over to the Qantas Store, login using your credentials and search for the Galaxy S5.

Source: Qantas Store.
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It’s interesting that the Fleeing Kangaroo would do this and not Virgin.
Recall that Virgin made a big noise at the start, about having the SGT2 tablets as the IFE on certain flights.

Daniel Tyson

It’s not in-flight entertainment, just available to purchase, you don’t even need to get on a flight. I rack up heaps of points through shopping at Woolworths and using Optus, but still a far cry short of getting a phone.


Dan, you misunderstood what I was getting at.
Qantas has been a supporter of the Rotten Fruit Co, in terms of IFE promotionals, and Virgin has promoted Samsung.
Now, the Fleeing Kangaroo is out to entice Android and Samsung users with this promo.


They’ve had phones in their points store for years now. They had s4s and ones available last year. I’d still use my points for flights or flight upgrades though as they are by far the best value. 180k gives you a business flight to LA if I remember right.