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Asus has entered the ChromeOS market with a series of Chromeboxes, but a pair of Chromebooks, with model numbers C200 and C300 will soon be entering the market and now their specs and pricing has apparently been leaked.

Both the C200 and C300 will run on the Intel Bay Trail based Dual-Core Celeron N2830 CPU clocked at 2.16GHz, but will come with different specs other than that. The C300 will apparently appear in the US this month, while the C200 is due out in May. We’ve already seen the C200 in a leak earlier this month but according to this we could be seeing the C300 quite soon.

C200 C300
Screen: 11.6″ @ 1366×768 resolution 13.3″ @ 1366×768 resolution
CPU Dual Core 2.16GHz Intel Celeron N2830 CPU
Graphics Intel HD Graphics
Storage 16GB SSD 32GB SSD
Colour Options Two Colours Single Colour
Battery 10 Hours 10.5 Hours
Price US$260 US$333

With quite decent specced Bay Trail CPU’s, the C200 and C300 are going to be quite the powerhouse with their 2.16GHz CPU, the C300 will be quite the zippy machine paired with 4GB of RAM. It appears that the only downfall of the C300 is the 1366×768 resolution screen. Add a touch screen with FullHD resolution and there would be quite a market for this machine.

The prices seem quite decent, but are the US prices so we expect them to take quite a hike before they reach Australia, if indeed they do launch here, and Asus has made no formal announcements surrounding the release of either Chromebook. We can only wait and see if these Chromebooks will make their way to Australia.

Source: Notebook Italia.
Via: OMGChrome.
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    C. Shivers

    Asus C300 with a 13.3″ IPS 1080p display and I would be a very happy customer. I would even pay $430 for such a device. The display is uber important for photos, movies, etc. What good is it to have all of this functionality when it all looks bad?.


    Passmark CPU rating is only 2/3 of Acer and Dell Chromebook offerings?

    No thanks.


    What would be awesome is a comparison of all the Chromebooks available in Australia and which one would Ausdroid recommend. I’ve been looking for one ATM. I’d love to know what ausdroid recommend..

    Daniel Tyson

    Almost there. Currently looking at the Toshiba Chromebook and Waiting for Scott’s review of the Acer C720P and we should have enough to talk about this.


    Awesome I’ve been looking at the Toshiba. I shall await the reviews 🙂



    I have just bought the HP 14″ Chromebook and love it. wish it had a 1080p screen but that will eventually come i guess


    I was shopping around for a Chromebook yesterday.

    That C300 looks like what I need