Project Glass
Google Glass has seen a lot of activity recently, just last week Google resumed updates for their most prominent wearable, and they extended the opportunity to purchase it to anyone within the US, now just a mere week later, they’re again updating Glass, this time giving iPhone users SMS and adding a calendar agenda view for all Glass users.

iPhone using Glass owners have up till now been hamstrung by a lack of SMS on their glass, but now will be able to start receiving texts on their Glass display. Unfortunately due to limitations on iOS they won’t be able to reply to them. To activate the function, iOS users simply have to go into the Bluetooth settings on their iOS device and select ‘Show Notifications’ for their paired Glass.

Calendar Glassware is the new function that will be available to all Glass Explorers in this latest update once it rolls out next week. Once activated an agenda card will appear to the left of the ‘Home’ card on Glass. This new Glassware will also let Explorers change the title, time, location and RSVP for or delete the event from their timeline.

The speed at which Glass development is moving forward is a joy to watch. The most obvious question is, as usual, when will retail sales open to the masses and will Glass be made available overseas?

Source: Google Glass G+.