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When Lenovo purchased Motorola Mobility from Google earlier this year there was some scepticism about what would happen to Motorola’s line of Android devices. Anyone who has seen a Moto G or a Moto X knows that Motorola have a close to pure stock Android experience. The UI is stock Android in its design but Motorola have added some excellent features to it without ruining the user experience (*cough TouchWiz*). Today Motorola VP of software, Punit Soni, took to a Google Hangout to answer questions from Joe Public regarding Motorola and their vision for the future.

Punit stated that Motorola were committed to being aggressive with Android updates and that users would have no cause for complaint regarding this. One reason they will be able to continue doing this (remember in the US the Moto X received the KitKat update before the Nexus 4 did!) is that they are reaffirming their strategy to provide a “pure Android” experience along with a few features that enhance how a person uses their phone. He singled out Active Display as one feature that has changed how many people use their devices. In saying that he also hinted that Motorola will not be playing the specs game but instead will be going after the user experience as a priority.

To me this is great news. The world needs more pure Android devices, especially ones where companies build onto the Google experience without altering the UI so that it is no longer recognisable. Motorola have done a great job with the Moto X and Moto G phones and it’s good to know that Lenovo will not be changing the Motorola direction that Google started. Now if only Motorola/Lenovo would release their flagships in Australia within an acceptable time frame.

You can check out the Hangout video below. Sound off in the comments with your thoughts.

Source: Motorola Mobility YouTube.
Via: Android Central.

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This vision was not Google’s choice.

Look at the XT910(JB),XT905/925 All examples of light close to pure android with as you say “Motorola have added some excellent features to it without ruining the user experience”

Point is, they learnt there lesson with blur, the phones I’ve noted are the turning point in 2012.

Motorola were already track prior to google and Ifor one am glad they are now owned by a hardware manufacture that can keep up the build quality that is moto.


Still trying to find out if my RAZR HD will get a kit kat update. Moto says yes, Telstra says “huh?”….

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