HP Slatebook 14
After giving up on their own mobile platform – WebOS – HP, one of the largest PC manufacturers in the world, has been dabbling in Android based products in various form factors since their initial foray with the Slate 7. Their recent All-in-One, the Slate 21 showed they felt that Android could be used as a desktop machine and now it appears they believe it’s time for a mainstream laptop running Android.

HP themselves have even tried playing with the form factor previously with the Slatebook X2, but that involved a detachable tablet, similar to the Asus Transformer range that has been fairly successful. This new Slatebook looks as though it would do away with the removeable dock but the 14″ 1080P display will retain the touchscreen component that’s integral to Android’s user experience.

Hardware wise, the Slate 14 will be running on a HP favourite: a Quad-Core Nvidia Tegra processor, although whether that’s a Tegra 4 or the recently announced K1 is unknown, this processor will be paired with 2GB of RAM. On the connection side of things, the video shows off at least three USB ports (2x on the right and one on the left) a full size HDMI port and an SD card reader. There’s also a Beats Audio logo shown off on the laptop as well.

We’ve seen Android laptops previously and they’ve been pretty awful, although generally they haven’t been CTS certified, meaning they haven’t had Google Play installed, which the HP Slatebook appears to have, so it could work. HP themselves have made no announcements about this upcoming Slatebook, but we’ve asked HP Australia about it anyway.

Would you prefer an Android laptop or ChromeOS laptop?

Source: Notebook Italia.
Via: 9to5Google.
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I’d be really interested in trying it. Many Android apps offer the functionality of PC programs.


* JeniSkunk throws money at the screen
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