Modern Combat 5
Modern Combat is a game franchise from Gameloft which has been quite popular and rightly so. The fantastic gameplay and close to console-like graphics in the Modern Combat series have continued to grow as mobile hardware increases in power. Today, Gameloft has released more information on the upcoming game.

Firstly, the game will be called Modern Combat: Blackout, there are now also details of the story that Modern Combat 5 will follow. The protagonist will be called Phoenix and the game will follow him from Venice to Tokyo, although Gameloft promises there will be many more ‘Beautiful Settings’ in the final game. The missions include securing transport of WMDs, but there’s an overall story which has yet to be revealed.

Gameloft has described their intentions for Modern Combat 5 was to ‘have the player experience the story in a more intense and diverse way’. The game will consist of shorter, but more dynamic missions than previous installments, that has allowed Gameloft to make each story moment ‘more suspenseful and action packed’.

Gameloft has advised there will be more details forthcoming on Modern Combat 5 in ‘the coming weeks’. Until then, enjoy this Modern Combat 5 trailer, which Gameloft released at E3 last year :