G3 Launch invite
After announcing that the G3 would help their financial results for Quarter 2, LG has apparently begun sending out press invites for the launch of their 2014 superphone.

The launch will take place in six cities, across two days but unfortunately not in Australia. The press events are scheduled to take place in San Francisco, New York, and London on the 27th with events scheduled for the 28th in Seoul, Singapore, and Istanbul.

The invite doesn’t mention the G3 specifically, but the capitalised G in the invite above and the mention of a launch in their financial report yesterday, means it’s almost certain. We’ve reached out to LG Australia, stay tuned, we’ll update with any information we get.

Source: The Verge.
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LG could very well be the next “Samsung” if they continue to deliver high-end specs in a solidly built device. Though they tend to emulate some features from their bigger ‘brother’/competitor, they also do bring some of their own into the mix including their forte in display technology, much like Samsung in the early days. Interesting to see if they’ll move their UI away from the shadow of Touchwiz this time – and improve their marketing (their commercials are often cliched and weirdly cheesy).

Sean Royce

Agreed, everyone is loving LG lately. It’d be good to have some competition for once.