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Users of Google Docs have probably long seen a synergy between the Presentations option and Google’s Chromecast. In fact, it’s the logical (and really simple) way to present on the big screen. Well, imagine no longer — Google has enabled precisely this functionality.

The feature is easy to use; if you’re viewing or creating a presentation in Google Docs / Google Drive (we use the term interchangeably) and you’re on the same local network as a Chromecast device, provided you’ve got the Chromecast extension for Chrome loaded, you’ll see an option (shown above) to present to a Chromecast.

Behind the scenes, all that really happens is your presentation goes full-screen, and the active tab is cast to the Chromecast using the standard Chrome-to-Chromecast applet; there’s no separate Presentations applet on Chromecast at play here.

For now, it only works from a desktop environment; Android devices can’t yet cast Presentations to a Chromecast, but as with all things, this may be coming soon.

Source: Engadget.http://www.engadget.com/2014/04/29/google-chromecast-drive-presentations/Android Police.
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Its weird, i honestly thought this was a feature released a few months after its launch, could have sworn there was some Drive integration to Chromecast back then… clearly there wasn’t.
Keep the developments coming… nice and portable and easy setup, perfect for presentations on the go… guess i can now present our family holiday plans to the wifey on the TV

Daniel Tyson

it was released back in October, but only for Chrome Dev it seems. It looks like it got rolled out to stable now.