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Following in the foosteps of Pressy and Klick, Dimple promises to add buttons to your Android device. Unlike the previously mentioned contenders, Dimple does this by adding more than one physical button to your device and allows you to do pretty much anything you want to.

The way it works is kind of clever. Each of the four buttons has a different NFC identifier and, when pushed, this activates allowing the phone to detect it. This technology should allow the Dimple to work with any phone that supports NFC, though the metallic HTC One M8 is not completely supported. This is because while it has NFC, the NFC antenna is around the camera ring, meaning you’d need to block the camera in order to get Dimple to work.

Control Music, Launch your camera, open your favourite app, speed dial, launch settings… Whatever you choose it’s really only limited by what you’ve got installed on the device. When you add the SDK they’ve got set ready to launch it would appear the only limitation on the Dimple is people’s creativity and imagination (perhaps budget too if you’re looking at getting your own app published).

It’s worth a closer look when they do launch, I’ll probably buy one just out of curiosity even though I’ve got a pressy on the way.

Have you ordered one of the other extra button devices for your Android, will you order a Dimple or does this type of tech not capture your interest?

Source: Dimple Homepage.
Via: Gizmodo.
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    I supported Pressy. Still waiting. 🙁


    Would installing Dimple on an NFC capable device, prevent you from being able to use NFC payments?


    I suspect not Jeni. NFC is Mifare proximity, the NFC system on the phone both reads Mifare and acts like an ID device. I suspect Dimple sends a difference Mifare signal for each command to the NFC reader which is detected by the phone and acted upon. With payment systems I suspect that the terminal reads the unique MIfare ID on the phone which then allows the app to communicate via NFC to the payment terminal. Of course it would need to be confirmed but I can’t see an issue with it apart from the default app to read NFC… Read more »


    Now you can make every phone like the LG G2, with power and volume controls on the back.
    I am in the same boat Phil, i am very curious about this little product. I am trying to work out where i would like the dimple placed, right under my fingers almost as a finger rest or just out of the way so its a movement not a twitch to action them.
    But not unlike the M8, a NFC antenna while large has a certain location and this might conform dimple to locations that aren’t ideal.