Tuesday , February 20 2018

Foursquare splits into two separate apps – announces Swarm as new location based app

Foursquare + Swarm logo

Foursquare late last week, announced that it will be splitting its app, which currently allows you to check-in and share your current location with friends via social media services such as Twitter and Facebook, into two separate apps.

The two apps which the company will now have, will be the aforementioned Foursquare, retaining its name and some of its services, with a new service focused on planning meet-ups with friends called Swarm.

The new Foursquare app will be transitioning into a ‘discovery’ service, similar to Trip Advisor and Yelp. With its primary aim to help you find new places to have dinner, meet friends or just have a drink, based of course on recommendations of various ‘experts’ as well as your friends.

Their new app Swarm, will takeover the check-in function of Foursquare, and allow you to share your location with friends to easily facilitate meet-ups. It will also allow you to let them know where you’re going next and see who’s willing to meet you..

The upcoming changes to the Foursquare app will be coming at some stage in the Summer (Winter in Australia) and while Foursquare has announced that Swarm is coming, no actual release date has been set. Swarm will be an Android and iOS release initially with a Windows Phone app coming soon after.To be notified when the Swarm has launched you can signup to their mailing list at swarmapp.com,

Do you currently use Foursquare? Will you be using Foursquare as well as Swarm when it’s released?

Source: Android Central, and Foursquare Blog.

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