We’re seeing more and more of the LG G3, we saw black and white renders of the phone yesterday in what appeared to be a plastic material, but according to @evleaks plastic may not be the only material the G3 could be available in.

The G3 could also be arriving with a finish that @evleaks describes as a ‘fingerprint-magnet no more’. The picture we see appears to be a brushed metal material, similar to the HTC One (M8). But looks could be deceiving, the rear of the LG G Flex, had a similar look and was a ‘self-healing’ coating, which would also be quite cool.

Also seen above is what is supposed to be the G3 with a removeable battery. This is a change from the LG G Flex and the G2 which featured ‘stepped’ battery technology, which allowed LG to fill the entire rear of the phone with battery allowing for inordinately long battery life.

It’s an interesting turn of events, but we’ll have to wait for the May 27th launch event to really see what LG has to offer. Stay tuned, the G3 is turning out to be quite the compelling device hardware wise at least.

Source: EvLeaks.
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Iain Simmons

I’ve heard that LG is particularly bad/slow with providing software updates (i.e. getting Android to the latest version)… It’s the one thing that is holding me back from LG and Sony phones.

My contract is due to expire in November this year, so here’s hoping this is the basis for an awesome Nexus phone around that time!


Well they were actually one of the first to get Kitkat on their flagship G2 (Korean version) then it was released for everyone else around late Feb/early March. So far I’ve had 2 minor updates and 1 major update with my G2 and they were all delivered within the timeframe that LG promised.

Iain Simmons

Good to know! Hopefully that’s not just for the Korean versions… How did you get one of those anyways?


Sorry should’ve specified, I have the international G2 version. The Korean version got Kitkat in Dec, everyone else got it late Feb/early March.