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Tumblr has always had mobile apps, however they always seemed to lack the customisation ability that the PC web version had. However, Tumblr has changed this overnight with an update now pushing out to users.

Tumblr is rolling out new Android and iOS app update that offers the same editing powers you have on the web. Tumblr users can now change colours, images and everything else which is available over the web version of the social network. For example, you can choose from various colours which will change the interface’s look on others’ devices.

Tumblr sees personalisation and customisation as both a way to accommodate for ever increasingly mobile audience and membership as well as a one up tool to rival social networks.

Peter Vidani, creative director at Tumblr, has told Mashable in an interview that “This is our biggest launch in the past five years,” and that “We’re allowing customisation and theming to occur in mobile apps, which is huge, because mobile takes up half of our total traffic and it’s rapidly growing.”

Vidani continues to explain that “We’ve always been about being a giant space for people to get creative and this is a continuation of that,” and that “There are social networks out there that have restricted environments and don’t let users really express themselves — you’re stuck in a cookie cutter layout. There are social networks out there that have restricted environments and don’t let users really express themselves — you’re stuck in a cookie cutter layout. But here, you can do whatever you want to do and in whatever wild expression you choose, on whatever platform you pick.”

Tumblr which has almost 183 million blogs have been working on this update now for well over a year and Vidani added that “One of the big challenges was that we wanted a streamlined look to be accessible to everyone, so they could see and have the same experience,” he said. “But when you’re designing for the desktop web, you don’t have the same restrictions and limitations as you do in apps.”

“You’re forced to really pare down what you want to see,” he added. “But now, there’s more for the eyes on mobile.”

The update is rolling out now to users but if your wanting to grab the new update a bit earlier or looking at seeing what the new app looks like, you can download it from the link below.

Developer: Tumblr, Inc.
Price: Free
Source: Tumblr Staff Blog, and Mashable.

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