It’s now been six months since Android 4.4 was released, but there’s still a host of Samsung phones which are still yet to join in the Chocolatey Multi-fingered goodness. Sammobiles has obtained a leaked document which outlines which phones will receive the update, as well as when the update is due.

The list, includes variants for the Samsung models shows a time frame for Android 4.4 updates which begins last month with the Note II and continues all the way to June with the Galaxy Grand 2 (which was never released in Australia) and the Galaxy Mega 5.8 and 6.3.

There’s some bad news though, people who purchased the original Samsung Galaxy S3 which included only 1GB of RAM will see that the GT-i9300 has been pulled from the schedule of devices getting KitKat due to ‘unsolved problems’. The LTE variant which came with 2GB of RAM is apparently fine though, and will see its update released this month.

These dates are really only a rough guide due to the fact most updates will need to be tested by carriers, but at least you have some idea of when Samsung is aiming for.

Source: Sammobiles.
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Rokesh Kumar

Even Moto G has 1Gb of RAM and it supports KitKat thn y not S3?? this is the worst thing did by samsung that’s y ‘m hating Samsung now uh days..bye bye Samsung i wont buy Samsung devices in future..

Daniel Narbett

Has anyone received this update for the Note 2 GT-N7100 (non-LTE)? The table lists April release but hasn’t dropped for me yet (non-carrier from Kogan)

Peter Graham

Sigh .. as usual the major OS update falls right inline with the month that I am due to upgrade from the s4 to the s5 which already has kitkat .. hmm .. maybe this time around I’ll bite the bullet and get a nexus device and end all this waiting. :/

Mark Corlson

Please hurry up with Note 3 4.4


S4 i9505? No mention of this one

Jesse Kinross-Smith

The i9505 (S4) already has Kitkat. It’s up to the carriers to deliver it now.


Samsung – why do you hate me and my S3?!?
What will I do??
Oh yeah, I’ve had Kitkat on it for months.
Thank you Cyanogenmod! 😀


The problem is how Samsung is mistreating ordinary users of the non-LTE S3.
That Samsung KitKat works on the 2Gb RAM LTE S3 shows just what the Real Problem is. Samsung’s bloatware, TouchWiz.

Sean Royce

Ram usage is a massive issue on Samsung devices. My Z2 is currently using about 0.89gb of ram. Most Samsung devices use over 1.5gb from what I’ve seen.

miApples - Smart Tech

Please note ..
The Note 11 LTE GT-N7105 (N7105TDVUEMK3) update to 4.4 is not yet available in Australia as of Thurs. May 8.
We wait with baited breath!