Galaxy S5 with Gear Fit Vodafone
After launching last month with the phone only, Vodafone has now added an option for customers to grab the Samsung Gear Fit when they pick up their Samsung Galaxy S5.

While the phones is available in all four colours – Shimmer White, Charcoal Black, Electric Blue and Copper Gold – the Gear Fit, remains available only in black. The Samsung GALAXY S5 with Gear Fit Bundle is available from as low as $82 per month, although the $87 Red Plan (including 3GB of Data per month) appears to be a better offer.

It’s with some trepidation that some customers are returning to Vodafone, but there’s no fear, you can trial the network – and the phone – with their 30 Day Network Guarantee. If you’re interested in the deal, head over to the Vodafone website to check it out.

Source: Vodafone.
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Adrian Mace

Will be heading back to Vodafone’s network after 2 years with Optus. Should be interesting to see the difference and I think I’ll be pleasantly surprised.


The past 12 months with Vodafone have all been a joy. it has only been getting better and better by the months. the 4G network is pretty awesome. So Awesome that i stopped using wifi even at home.