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Google is throwing about the idea of adding remote management to ChromeOS devices, much in the same way as Android Device Manager facilitates remote management of Android devices. This remote management will allow users to remotely lock, erase or locate their ChromeOS devices in case they’re stolen or lost.

The feature isn’t yet enabled, but the ChromeOS team are definitely working on it. In much the same way as the Android solution, users will enrol in online management through Google’s cloud servers and then be able to remotely manage their device through any available web browser; a great thing if your Chromebook is accidentally left in a café.

The feature is currently highly experimental, having some traces in ChromeOS’ dev channel, but even then, it requires special flags to enable it. You probably won’t need to wait too long; Google likes rolling out features like these fairly quickly.

If you want to try enabling the feature and have a tinker, hit the source link below.

Source: Franćois Beaufort.

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